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Frontend Dictionary



Dictionary Joomla component

Most of the time, glossaries proposed on Joomla! have the same common and boring display. You should say "nice but déjà vu". So, I've decided to create something different with an original display. Each word should be immediately identifiable and the definitions should be hidden with some CSS3 (I've been inspired by the Wikipedia's display). For creating "Dictionary" Joomla! component, I've worked on implementation that would meet four criteria:

  • Should be Responsive Design,
  • Import and export the content,
  • Should combine simplicity on backend and powerful on frontend,
  • About coding, light is right.



Just have a look to the frontend demo of the component here: Glossaire de web-eau.net

You can also have a look at these sites who already use "Dictionary" :

Are you using Dictionary on your Joomla! website? Drop me a line and I'll add your URL here :)




First of all, install the component like any other Joomla extension, through the Extension Manager.
A message confirm you the process of installation is completed.

First steps


In the top menu of your Joomla backend, open "Composants" and select "Dictionary".
The first thing to do is creating the letters (the initials) of the words you'll need to display in your glossary.
Click on "New", then add the letter you need and click on "Save and close".


Now, let's create a "word" and his definition.
Click first on "Definition" then on "New".
Select the initial of your word in the drop-down list of the "letter" parameter,
Then, write your word in the "word" parameter,
At last, write the definition of your word. You can stylising your definition with bold, italic or even use links.
Click on "Save and close".

Menu item

To display your glossary on the frontend, you must create a menu item.
Open the menu where you want to display your glossary.
Create a new item menu and select "Dictionary" in the popup".
Click on "Save and close".


How to get the indexation of the content of Dictionary by Google?

The best way is to embedded your glossary into an article. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Install the free plugin "Component anywhere" from RegularLabs,
  2. create a new article and paste the syntax ,
  3. display your new article with a menu item,
  4. you're done!




The complete documentation of Dictionary is available online and describe step by step from the installation to the final display and gives you some tips to use the component.



Dictionary is available and provided with these files languages :



If you have any issue, feel free to use the forum support : http://www.web-eau.net/forum/index


If you appreciate this component and/or my support, thanks for posting your positive review on the Joomla Extension Directory

Module "Quick Icons"

You can add the free module "Dictionary Quick Icons" to your admin panel to:

  • Add a new definition
  • Open the list of the words already entered in your glossary
  • Access to the complete documentation of Dictionary
  • Access to the forum support
  • Access to the JED page of Dictionary

This module is optional but Dictionary needs to be installed first for working properly.

I've decided to provide Dictionary free of charge. For all and for ever. What are you waiting to use it?

. FREE .
Dictionary component
Offer a real glossary to your visitors and boost your SEO with relevant content
. FREE .
Quick Icons
Give a boost to your glossary with these nice quick icons for your Joomla! backend


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