10 Best Joomla Magazine Template in 2020

10 Best Joomla Magazine Template in 2020

The reputation of the CMS Joomla is the ability to handle any kind of project like a magazine. Not just because this CMS has lots of extensions but also because Joomla templates help websites to find the right look for the industry they function in.

I know how difficult it can be to find and choose the best template for a specific project. Because I have a deep knowledge of the Joomla eco-system, I've decided to present you a selection of the best Joomla templates that are the best fit to present an online magazine.

Newsberg Joomla Template


Created by JoomShaper, Newsberg is a professionally designed Joomla newspaper template to create news sites at scale. If you plan on having a news website to deliver information to your audience, Newsberg is perfect for that purpose. Presenting news effectively requires a well-designed platform. You need to have a curated news section, video assets, news sliders, polls, and whatnot. This Joomla template will bring you all for an outstanding news site.

1st release Framework Page Builder Mega Menu Home variations Article layouts Quickstart Documentation Support
Dec 2019 Helix Ultimate 2 8

Why I like it
This latest generation template (Bootstrap 4) includes many extensions like SP Page Builder Pro, SP Poll, News Slider, SP Tweet, etc. At last, the design of the built-in pages is very professional and clearly above the average. This template would be my choice.

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Manticore Joomla Template


Manticore is a fresh new take on news and magazine-style design for the world of gaming and entertainment. Created by RocketThemes, this latest generation template have an incredible background slideshow with particles that let you review the latest releases and share videos of your recent adventures online. The global design is breathtaking.

Last release Framework Colors variations Font Awesome Mega Menu HTML5 Validation Quickstart Documentation Support
June 2020 Gantry 5 4 4.7

Why I like it
To be very honest, I consider this template as a brilliant example of smart mixing of design and technology. I would love to create a gaming magazine projet just to use this template.

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ET News Joomla Template

ET News

ET News is a beautiful Magazine Joomla Template which will be an ideal theme to go with if you want to build an eye-catching and attractive online news portal. Created by Engine Templates, ET News comes with a modern and elegant look, with great content organization, which makes visitors want to spend more time to explore your site and read the hottest news. Based on the strong Bootstrap CSS Framework, supporting K2 extended style and Font Awesome, ET News now being much better with 4 color styles and compress files.

Last release Framework Mega Menu Colors styles Font Awesome Google fonts Quickstart Documentation Support
Sept. 2019 Bootstrap 3 4 4.7

Why I like it
Clearly, I'm impressed about all the features and built-in pages included in this template. Important point: you can test it for free before buy it. I strongly encourage you to have a look and give it a try.

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JSN Hub Joomla Template


JSN Hub is a unique Joomla blog template created by JoomlaShine. Partner with EasyBlog extension, this template was developed specially for the blogging community. Equipped with responsive design, flexible layout, and SEO friendly, your Joomla site is in good hands. With JSN Hub, you can attract like-minded people who are into blogging, or create a thriving community where you together exchange valuable knowledge with each other, and with the world

1st release Framework EasyBlog Home variations Built-in pages Google fonts Quickstart Documentation Support
June 2019 JSN Sun 2

Why I like it
I love this modern template (Bootstrap 3) because you get 2 for the price of one, because of the perfect integration of EasyBlog as the solution to manage the content and for the 30-Day FREE trial. Great job!

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JD Magazine Template

JD Magazine

JD Magazine is a very nice Joomla News/Magazine template from Joomdev, the cleanest and attractive template ideally suits to any blog, publishing, magazine, and news portal websites. It comes with an extensive space in order to showcase latest and trending posts. Based on EasyBlog, which is the best solution for managing content, JD Magazine comes with some add-ons that allow you to show content in different styles such as on News Ticker, grids, sliders etc. Besides that, you’ll get a lot of extensions and features with the Magazine.

Last release Framework Page Builder Mega Menu Built-in pages Font Awesome Quickstart Documentation Support
Nov 2018 Astroid 4.7

Why I like it
JD Magazine is a latest generation template (Bootstrap 4) and also available in RTL version. Fully customizable with a ton of options and features, I would without any doubt choose it for this kind of project.

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LT News Joomla Template

LT News

LT News is premium template tailored for magazine and news Joomla template websites. Created by LT Themes, this template is the online version of newspaper and it is great for your new magazine or daily news update websites. LT News builds on powerful framework (Helix 3) with 100% responsive layout (support for mobile devices) based on Bootstrap, unlimited module position, strong shortcodes help you present content.

Last release Framework Page Builder Mega Menu Google fonts Font Awesome Quickstart Documentation Support
August 2019 Helix 3 4.3

Why I like it
This template has all I would need for building such project: a strong framework, 4 colors styles, Off-Canvas Menu & MegaMenu and even a FREE version for a try!

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Gazette Joomla Template


Gazette is another great Joomla template from JoomShaper. It’s a functionally rich and beautifully designed template to power a newspaper, magazine, blog, editorial, official journal, bulletin, periodical, publishing site of any size. SP Page Builder Pro, Helix Ultimate framework, and functional components inside make Gazette a superbly powerful yet easy to manage Joomla template ever built in its category.

Last release Framework Page Builder Mega Menu Home variations Font Awesome Quickstart Documentation Support
Jan 2020 Helix Ultimate 3 4.7

Why I like it
Built with a strong and up-to-date framework (Bootstrap 4), this template is provide with the exclusive SP Author Archive componant. Once again, JoomShaper kills the game with this template.

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Financial II Joomla Template

Financial II

With flat design style, SJ Financial II quickly conveys the information as well as helps the website load faster. Created by SmartAddons, this template is integrated with K2 and quipped with many functional extensions and multipurpose bonus page. SJ Financial II should be suitable for a wide range of usage: financial news, stock exchange, news/magazine or business/corporate websites and many more.

Last release Framework Built-in pages Mega Menu Color styles YT Shortcode Quickstart Documentation Support
June 2020 YT Franmework 4

Why I like it
I've used this template for a project and I can assure you this was a good choice. With all its features and its extensions, Financial II worth the time and the money you'll put in.

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MegaNews Joomla Template

Sj MegaNews

SJ MegaNews is a professional News Joomla template with high customization. This Joomla template is perfect for content-rich websites about news, politics, finance, sport, world events. Created by SmartAddons, this magazine Joomla template is fast, simple, and easy to use and packed with bundle of advanced features: Sp Page Builder, Responsive Design, MultiLanguage, 65+ useful shortcodes, powerful mega menu, RTL supported, social share, sample data included, Google Ads and AdSense banner support and many more.

Last release Framework Page Builder Mega menu HTML5 Validation YT Shortcode Quickstart Documentation Support
June 2020 Helix 3

Why I like it
If I wanted to launch an online magazine or a news website, I definitly would try this template because of its great design and all its functionalities and characteristics.

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Newsline Joomla Template


Newsline is a Responsive clean Magazine Joomla Template comes with so many real-world features. You can get easy to use Drag and Drop Layout Builder, SP Page Builder Pro with 50+ Addons, Responsive design, Useful Module and so on. Created by TrippleS and based on the famous Helix Ultimate framework, this template would be a perfect choice if you plan to create an online magazine.

Last release Framework Page Builder Mega menu Built-in pages Font Awesome Quickstart Documentation Support
May 2020 Helix Ultimate 4.7

Why I like it
I like it for obvious reasons: Bootstrap 4, SP Page Builder Pro, a clean and pro design, etc. I am also very sensitive to the all positive votes from the customers of this template.

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Et voilà !

I have carefully chosen these Joomla magazine templates for you and I hope you'll like them and use them for your projects. Give them a try them out and let me know which one you liked the most. And if you know other cool news templates that are great for Joomla magazine website, tell us in comments below.

Note The links in this article are affiliate links. For every purchase you make, I will receive a commission. It's free for you, and for me it's a small compensation for the efforts made to bring you all these informations and the time to make a nice article to present them to you.
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