10 Team Section Bootstrap 4 Snippets

10 Team Section Bootstrap 4 Snippets

The core of any structure (commercial or not) is the team and because we live in the age of Internet, it's almost mandatory nowadays to present our team on our website. I've selected 10 team section Bootstrap 4 examples to help your to display your team.

Haven't found the perfect idea to display your team section on your website yet? You should know that there are different ways to display the members of your team that serves as a reference for your Internet users. This will allow them to access certain contacts information, which is always a must-have for the user experience. The goal of this article is to provide you some efficient layouts for your team section with a little originality to grab the attention of your visitors. Hence the importance of a good choice for this section of your website. If you need inspiration for your pricing table, here are 10 Boostratp 4 snippets.

For a better user experience, I suggest you to display your team section accordingly to the general design of your website and your audience. To make it easier for you, I have selected 10 team sections examples based on Bootstrap 4 for your inspiration.

How to create a great team section?

You are probably wondering if it is essential to take care of your website's footer. Exactly, if you want to take care of the visitors of your site, do not neglect the layout of your footer. This function improves the user experience because it is a time savior. Most visitors are looking for information or useful links at the bottom of a website. So if your footer is poorly presented, people may leave your site, hoping to quickly access contact information that is usually found at the bottom. When they are not happy with the informations displayed on your site, they return to Google for another search or go to another site.

1. Bootstrap modern team section

This first example allow you to display your team members image in round modern and elegant style.This bootstrap based section allows you to display your team in great way with their position, their presnetation text and their social media accounts as well. This one will be perfect for an informative website.

2. Bootstrap basic team section

Basic doesn't mean poor. This example is sophisticated whit these elegant cards for your team members. Here, photos, names, positions and social network icons are nicely displayed. It doesn't use almost any custom classes as it almost entirely relies on Bootstrap 4 grid and utility classes. Really smart.

3. Bootstrap slider team section

If you have a large team to present on your page but with few space, this snippet could be the best option for you. With a slider Boostratp 100%, you are able to display many profiles on a tiny space. It's also a pure Bootstrap snippet, the only CSS code are just for design purpose here. Smart point, the socials links are only visible on hover of the profile.

4. Bootstrap clean team section

In this nice example, the style is mostly elegant and clean, which could be perfect for a company team section. Of course, you can edit and customize it accordingly to your needs. Note here the social media icons are displayed on the hover.

5. Bootstrap rounded team section

Putting external links allows you to better reference your site. For this type of footer, you will have the same style as the footer with column. But, you add another column that displays links that take the user to a particular page. It could be one or more links. Choose to include useful links that relate to your page, links that will increase your added value, links that can be adjusted according to your objectives. For example, put links that lead to your account on social networks. This way, the user will be able to follow you just with one click. You can create this footer using Bootstrap 4. This will give you a stylish footer that attracts a lot of visitors.

6. Bootstrap simple team section

A footer, to be attractive, does not have to appear like an add-on to the whole site. Make sure there is an extraordinary design. This can be easily done with Bootstrap 4. This design footer allows you to have a clear but more original footer. It gathers all the information concerning the site with a column style. Indeed, it displays the contacts and links that users should know. In addition, it allows visitors to see a small summary of the presentation of the page. At the bottom you can find the tabs to access social networks.

7. Bootstrap graphic team section

The animated footer attracts a lot of attention thanks to the effect it displays. It’s one way to stand out. Moving images or a simple animation, it will always be a real success. This template combines all the elements of a footer, but with an animated line that catches the eye. This animation helps encourage visitors to click on your links and subscribe on your page.

8. Bootstrap cards team section

This type of footer is a bit more original. Letters are shown in gray with a darker background. This footer highlights information about the owner of the site. His contacts and address are displayed on this footer. It also has a classic look with a column layout and a social media section. In this footer, you can see a field dedicated to searches. This will make it easier for the user to navigate to a particular option.

9. Bootstrap coloured team section

This footer is very impressive since it contains many menus that can meet the needs of your visitors. The different options are placed in a column and superimposed. You can offer menus on this footer: about, page links, new blog posts and contacts. The presentation is classic with a dark background that highlights each tab. It would be perfect for a company website.

10. Bootstrap horizontal cards team section

Displaying a footer with a contact form is always a good option to consider. Your footer will display on the left side, your more important links (external or internal) and a set of social media icons. On the right part, your vistors will see an elegant contact form. This is an excellent example of what an efficient footer must be.


Nowadays, displaying a team section on a website is mandatory because visitors can acces quickly to the contacts informations. Give them the opportunity to get to know you better through your footer. For that, these 10 great examples of team section made with Bootstrap are ready to use. By taking inspiration from these different designs, I hope you will have a nice team section on your website.

Which is your favourite? Have you some examples to show us? Feel free to comment below.

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