15 Guidelines To Make Content Marketing Effective

15 Guidelines To Make Content Marketing Effective

There are countless marketing tactics which has become widely accepted for acquisition and engagement by marketers. Content creation on the internet is carried out by more than half the marketers daily. However, knowledgeable marketers are aware that it has less to do with quantity and more with quality.

Content Marketing is so essential that it's been incorporated by every business, if they aspire to remain competitive. That said, only few companies possess the ability to do this or do it well—resulting to opportunities for well informed content marketers. Here are key ways to make content marketing effective as a marketer.

1. Creation of Evergreen and Valuable Contents

The first and foremost focus of content marketing should solely be on creating valuable contents that will still be of high importance to readers in many years to come and can be continually updated to provide a fresh new content. When this is achieved, targeted readers are attracted and then retained as they become dependent on the contents/ information provided—which retains their attention and keeps them coming back. You win the trust of readers through providing value, which is the exact purpose of content writing. A content marketer needs to be driven by the desire and motivation to provide valuable and evergreen contents to succeed in achieving this. Without the desire and motivation, creation of valuable contents can't be achieved and would seem almost impossible.

Readers tend to appreciate and have more trust in valuable contents than in adverts directed towards a brand. Before creating any content ask yourself the value such content would provide to your audience—this is an habit you can develop as a content marketer.

Let's take a look at steps to be followed during the provision of evergreen contents and outcomes expected:

  • Valuable contents should educate, entertain and enlighten your audience
  • Valuable contents shouldn't be used as a means of personal advertisement
  • Valuable contents should inspire change
  • Valuable contents should be created with the perspective and need of your audience in mind
  • Valuable contents should encourage the reader to share
  • Valuable contents should provide actionable takeaways/plans

If you realize the content you are about to create can't achieve the following, then disregard such article and go for that which can foster a connection between you and your audience, leaving them feeling satisfied.

An effective content marketing strategy can rely on or be achieved by basically providing valuable contents only.

2. Mix up your Content

Contents shouldn't be based on just articles but consist of a variety of others such as images, e-books, infographics, videos, etc. This provides assistance in improving engagement rate with the hope of been converted and even more important when in with diversified audience.

3. Identify targets

Targets are targeted audience whose needs and interests are being identified for the provision of adequately relevant and quality content. With reference to Coschedule, a targeted content is that which is created for a niche audience to drive a specific response from that group. It reflects an understanding of where businesses or marketers are in the journey with their customers, and gives an idea of what they need at each step.

Failure in content marketing comes in, when unable to detect the need of one's audience and by so doing providing something contrary. To successfully identify the needs of your target audience, it's required to have information on the following:

  • Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic Information of your audience
  • Industry Conversations
  • Engagement
  • Customer Reviews

Surveys can be conducted to get most of this information. However, keep in mind that the success of content marketing begins with identifying your target audience, as they form the solid foundation and basis upon which your content is built.

You can't create content without first knowing your audience, right? And since quality content takes time to get composed, it's not worth it wasting such time on contents that aren't target audience focused.

4. Technical Skills

An ambitious content marketer should be a geek [an expert in a technical field] and a fantastic writer, i.e., coupling both technical and writing skills which will automatically give such marketer an edge in the industry. You could start by taking interest and getting acquainted with platforms like Joomla or taking courses in HTML, Lead Generation, CSS, Coding, SEO, Analytics, etc which will prove to be useful and can be learnt from the comfort of your home due to the vast amount of online courses available on the internet.

5. Conduct appropriate and extensive research

The creation of content requires not only research, but extensive research—without this content will be lacking in-depth data and information needed. Content creation is at its best when researched, explored, and examined as this provides adequate data and education on the perspective of others with regard to the information. Research can be carried out on how your products/services are utilized and required by consumers.

Your ability to carry out appropriate research proves you exhibit the skill to provide contents your clients would need at anytime. Observation and investigation of competitors helps gain an edge by providing what they seem to lack or giving out a better improvement.

Conducting the right research is time-consuming as the result needs to be intricate and unique in order to serve purpose and can be achieved through identifying opportunities [detecting problems and providing solutions], researching keywords, investigating trends, or as earlier mentioned, searching for imperfections in competitors contents.

6. Preparing a strategic and detailed action plan

Planning is similarly as significant as creating the content itself and been detailed with each plan is advised as the opposite will likely result into the plan coming up short.

Strategic content marketers set aside the effort to create a content marketing strategy before considering creating a solitary piece of content. This is on the grounds that they understand the backing force behind every business and are aware each business has its exceptional marking, which will direct the sort of content created and their intended interest group, as well as a favored arrangement of marketing channels that would be utilized since it brings in a vast majority of customers/clients.

Your targets occasionally assist you with finding the best tone for your content and medium for its publication. Although, numerous marketers still disregard the channels been used to build up their online presence. Your plan should be to incorporate the channels utilized, content posted, and period of content publication—follow through with this plan, until the goals/objectives are achieved.

At the point where you figure out how to create a content marketing strategy through adequate planning, you would then be able to create contents that successfully draws in targeted audience. The goals set during planning should be realistic and achievable, and ensure it been a great fit for your business. Your plans ought to connect your general business objectives to its necessities. Do you need help preparing a detailed action plan? Take at look at these few steps you could adopt.

  • Indicate your objectives
  • Write down every single step needed to be taken to accomplish objectives
  • Record the metrics you'll utilize as it will prove to be useful when it's the ideal time to evaluate objectives

7. Get involved in research and data analysis

The best content marketers in the industry recognize all they do ought to be driven by information and data, which maybe very tedious, but justifies the result acquired, despite any trouble faced.

This helps guarantee plan's effectiveness and will survey metrics for all that you post. You will then need to review the data and information gotten from your audience, and their engagement and change your content dependent on what you realize during the analysis, which determines what topics and content types are bringing in the best results and ensures you get the best return on investment from your plan.

This particular procedure involves producing engaging content, measuring how compelling or effective the content was and finally measuring the return on such content.

At the point where you're not measuring and estimating the effectiveness of your content, you have no clue about what's working, and what isn't—leading to lack of knowledge on what ought to be done straightaway. You need to watch which channels are generally critical to your audience in order to effectively create centered contents that is bound to bring in positive results.

Making an attempt at this technique could result in repurposing contents that are performing well, thereby saving significant time and resources. Content can refer to any form of information including blogs, articles, videos, social media posts, images, infographics, memes, podcast, white papers, case studies, and so much more. Success in content marketing comes from having both an innovative and scientific mindset that grasps information and data.

8. Listen and Understand the need of your audience

A content marketer has to be an attentive listener and should know the kind of content to be created, which will be in response to the needs of audience—this promotes effectiveness.

When a marketer exhibits empathy towards audience, there would be no trouble understanding their need, as empathy involves the capacity and ability to understand and identify with the thoughts, feelings or view point of another person.

Listening to one's audience on the other hand can be made possible by gaining access to customer service submissions, surveys and so on. When the audience needs are heard and understood, focus is built-in on the business content strategy, which will provide aid for detailed and valuable content. A content written for everybody, is a content written for nobody!

9. Graphics design and video editing

Graphics design should be held in high regard when plans are made on improving effectiveness in content marketing, the reason been that readers tend to remember the graphics included in a content more than the content itself, and thankfully you don't have to be possess professional skills to carry out this step.

Graphics tools [free/paid] can help provide templates that need only your personal touch to look presentable and well finished and won't be detected by anyone that such graphics wasn't created by a professional graphic designer.

Video production and editing is also a technique that needs to be discussed. At this present age and time, videos are being utilized now more than ever on platforms like YouTube been a perfect place to host them, and get across to target audience, since most of them prefer visual to written content.

YouTube is a great place to start gaining knowledge on any of these be it graphics design or video production and editing, as practice will be engaged to develop skills.

10. Utilization of SEO and keywords

Billions of searches are carried out on Google consistently and content marketers are required to know the essentials of creating content optimized for search engines. This improves their content’s ranking as low-quality content can negatively impact SEO efforts.

The importance of SEO and keywords can't be explained in one article, but they shouldn't always be the driving force. They shouldn't be misused either, and congesting your content with so much keywords which aren't necessarily needed affects reading experience and makes the overall process unenjoyable for audience.

11. Develop strategy with the intent of maintaining interest

The maintenance of interest from audience can be developed by the strategy carried out by a content marketer. This requires understanding data analysis, the audience and their online habits.

Measurable goals are set while developing a content strategy to track and ensure the operations work as planned. Maintaining audience interest is thereby dependent on the type of content created, where and when it's been published, how strong the connection between the audience and company is, and how all this ties into the company goals.

12. Know the right period to distribute content

It's not all about having amazing content, but also having an effective means to distribute them. What's the point of a content that can't be discovered?

When distributing content, make sure it's carried out at the right and appropriate time, which means getting the right content in front of the right audience at the right time.


13. Aim at providing detailed solutions to problems

When you make up your mind to provide solutions to problems, aim at being as detailed as possible and factoring a solution with long lasting results. This aids the achievement of content marketing.

14. Leverage All Content

This indicates making an influence on content, which is then compounded and used to gain an advantage. All created content can be leveraged across all channels [e.g social media] been used and be repurposed to create a never-ending cycle.

15. Identify weak areas and work on them

Improvement is made when weaknesses are fished out, acknowledged, and worked upon and to figure out where these weaknesses lie you'll need to take a hard look at your metrics provided by analytics services and observe your conversion rate to know where it all went wrong. A low conversion rate identifies your weak areas and vice-versa.

After identifying your weak areas, what you need to do next is to figure out the cause—this can be as a result of inadequate engagement with audience, which could be from a low amount of social shares, high bounce rate or even low average time spent on page. Improvement in this case just involves creating content in respect to the needs of audience.

Another reason for low conversion rate could be based on poor content creation which forms the major problem of most content marketers, and even if audience engagement is realized it has no effect, since the content offers no value and won't be able to generate conversions. The solution to this is to offer contents that will connect to audience, be worth their while and provide value.

Lastly, lack of emotional connection with audience affects how they relate to content and could be resolved by providing content that would connect more to your audience emotionally.


Don’t stick to the same old tactics again and again. Attempt to try out new things and learn from the successes and the failures. In any case, you’ll occasionally have ultimate end goals in sight, and realize how to accomplish them to promote effectiveness.

Your audience will consistently recall the effect your content had, and you can make it a positive one by providing content that isn't just valuable but persuasive and noteworthy as well, and your success here is being able to convince them to agree to, accept or do something usually through reasons offered or suggested in your content.

Having the ability to produce a required effect or effects, isn't all that easy—but with the right drill, persistence and hard-work, you are sure to achieve desired and expected results!

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