5 Proven Ways to Make Money From the Comfort of Your Home

5 Proven Ways to Make Money From the Comfort of Your Home

In this article, we will analyze both offline methods of making money, as well as online options. While all these ways have one thing in common - dependence on the World Wide Web. So without a computer/notebook with access to the Internet, it will be quite difficult to make some. We have gathered only functional ways to make money from home. Each path can bring you money, and these methods are aimed at different groups of people (regardless of age and skills).

We do not recommend after reading the article immediately rush off and take the first opportunity to earn money. It's better to choose one option and find out all the information possible. Such a strategy will help you be more likely to succeed.

Learn – Try – Learn - Repeat

If you want to stay at home and make some money, you will need to either sell some goods, provide some services, or perform some errands. Important to understand - to make money on the Internet you need to exchange something (your goods, services, or time) for money. You simply have no other options for earning money, so be prepared for the fact that working from home will be quite difficult, but possible.

If you want to fully start working from home, then try not to hope for easy money and instant success. In other words, don't expect to start earning a lot at once. No one can have a high income without understanding the industry.

Option 1: Tutoring

Teaching/Tutoring - this is one of the most profitable options for remote earning, moreover, there are many areas for tutoring.

For example, one can teach people computer skills, different languages, various school subjects or disciplines from colleges and universities.

And the main advantage of this method is the ability to teach others online. And the main advantage of this method is the opportunity to teach others remotely, online.

Well, now about the drawbacks. This method of making money is not suitable for everyone. To earn money in the way mentioned above, one should be able to teach and have a sufficient amount of knowledge in a certain field. But if you have these two qualities, then you should start teaching.

Option 2: Freelance

Freelance is a single сontract job. On freelance, a person gets paid for performing single tasks, which he receives from various employers.

For example, such tasks can be:

  • Website developing;
  • Design;
  • Conversion of audio into text (transcription);
  • Setting up advertising campaigns;
  • etc.

The main advantage of freelancing is that you can earn a lot, but will need to work hard and communicate with a lot of employers. But in freelance, you can choose with whom to work and when.

There is, however, quite a big disadvantage - for most of the jobs on the freelance market you might have certain skills (programming, design, SMM, etc.). The problem is - without these additional skills, you can only take simple and cheap tasks - more expensive ones will simply be unavailable.

Recommendation: Don't try to take challenging assignments or argue with the customer about raising fees. Initially, when you just start working, you have no rating and no portfolio - it might be difficult to get orders. That's why the first thing you should do is build up your portfolio, and only then raise your fees.

Option 3: Personal Online Assistant

A remote personal assistant is a fairly popular position. The main advantage of such work is that the performer does not need to have a university degree or any other specific skills. Most often one needs a person who will take care of routine processes.

Just so you understand, the job of a remote assistant is very similar to that of a secretary, except there is no need to sit in an office.

Tasks of the assistant are simple, most often they are associated with routine processes, such as - answering the phone, booking tables and hotels, buying tickets, making a schedule for the day, and implementation of similar tasks.

If you are sitting at home and you have enough free time, we advise you to pay attention to this way of earning. It allows one to earn a decent income from home, plus you get to observe how and what the boss you work for is doing. This experience can help you in the future to open some kind of business.

Option 4: Remote Call Center Manager

Who is suitable for this job - men and women over the age of 18;

Do you need special skills - the main skill needed is stress resistance and good verbal skills;

Does it require any investment - no.

This work is really difficult, you need to have strong nerves and high-stress tolerance. Call center operator is such an unpopular type of remote work. First, because most of these jobs require you to make outgoing cold calls tall day long Secondly, it is a coffee-and-cake job.

However, some companies pay for incoming calls. For example, the remote service providers (to receive incoming calls) need cab services, food delivery services, various online stores, as well as companies trying to expand quickly with no time to hire new employees.

The essence of this work comes down to the following actions: A call center operator, must receive (or make calls), advise customers on any questions they have, take orders, make additional sales, record customer complaints and suggestions, and perform similar tasks.

If you are not the kind of person comfortable talking on phone and don't mind talking to a stranger, then this is the job for you.

Option 5: Dropshipping

Imagine a person willing to run his own business, who does not want to buy goods, rent a store/warehouse and hire a large number of people. So instead, this person finds suppliers of some goods and offers them to work on an intermediary scheme.

Namely, the suppliers provide a list of goods, and the person makes a markup on them and then tries to find customers. Once he finds buyers, he gets paid for the goods from them.

Then he takes his markup from this payment and transfers the rest to the supplier, along with the buyer's contacts. Then the supplier packs the goods himself and sends the order to the customer.

Everyone wins in such a scenario. It is profitable for you because there is no need to maintain a large store and store goods. The supplier wins because he does not have to search for customers.

In this way, you make money on reselling goods, without having these very goods in stock, but simply passing orders on to the supplier.

You can look for customers in the following places:

  • On free bulletin boards;
  • On your blog;
  • On pages and groups in social networks;
  • On forums;
  • Through advertising, etc.

You can earn quite a lot on dropshipping, assuming you find suitable goods for sale.

Dropshipping is a field of earnings with huge competition and it will be quite difficult for a newcomer to start earning in it. Most likely you will have to spend a lot of time and money on setting up advertising and testing different products.

Bonus: Honeygain

Honeygain is a service that lets you earn passive income just by sharing your internet connection. While you’re certainly not going to get rich using Honeygain, why not make some extra money with exactly zero effort?

Here is how it goes and how you can make money with this service:

  • Install Honeygain on your device connected to internet.
    You can use Honeygain on Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If needed, check the technical requirements for the devices. Also, there is no limitation on how many devices you can have on a single account. But the number of devices is limited to two devices per one IP/network.
  • Honeygain app securely shares your internet connection with encryption and no access to your personal data.
  • Your connection is used as a part of the residential proxy network.
  • You start earning passive income by using your connected devices.

The minimum amount you need to accumulate for the payout is $20 (Paypal or Bitcoin). Based on Honeygain stats, it takes users 48 days on average to reach their first $20. It took me around 57 days to get $20 on my balance.


Working from home means doing what you do best. Do not force yourself to do something you do not like. The result will be disastrous. The beauty of our age is that thanks to the Internet and globalization, you can become what you want to be and even do it without leaving home.

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