6 Ultimate Visual Marketing Techniques to Boost Audience Rate

6 Ultimate Visual Marketing Techniques to Boost Audience Rate

Why visual marketing is one of the most successful business components in 2021? There's a reason all kids` books contain a lot of colorful illustrations. Pictures help parents to hold their children’s attention while they are reading the book. Moreover, through pictures, the material is perceived much easier. The same situation is with customers, because all humans are visual creatures. Therefore, visual marketing is such a powerful weapon that helps effectively reach a wider audience rate.

The rampant development of Internet technologies has also influenced the popularity of visual content as a dominant method in business communication between companies and consumers. However, like with any other marketing techniques, you need to know how to use it to boost rate of the audience.

Visual content destroys the walls of the words

The use of visual content increases the brand involvement and recognition among customers. The question is: How to boost the customer rate? Involve them in creative marketing communication and you will succeed in sales. Compelling content helps cosy up to customers. You shouldn’t underestimate the strong emotional connection between a visualization and customers.

Cool visualization helps to boost “memorability” and, as a result, the brand recognition. This is an inescapable fact. However, if you want to add to an effect and draw more attention, then use emotions. Also, remember to use up a clear wake-up call call-to-action (call for an action) as the basis of visual marketing.

Images and videos are excellent aids to make content easy-readable and understandable. Buffer research found that 55% of people spend only 15 seconds or less on the article, so the word wall can be a major obstacle. Visualization can help to struggle with it, with pictures breaking up text and presenting information in an attractive way, and holding readers' attention.

Further in this article will be discussed in exact details 6 ultimate visual marketing techniques to boost audience rate in a short time.

6 Ultimate Visual Marketing Techniques to Boost Audience Rate

1. Use the storytelling

Use the so-called storytelling technique, which is based on the presentation of stories with the means of pictures. The laws of drama state that every story should have Introduction, Body and Conclusion — use these structures in your visual content. Fortunately, today’s technologies have reached such a level of sophistication that you can even make an interesting movie with a regular smartphone. It’s necessary to assume that the audience expects it with Hollywood production value. On the contrary, it is good when ordinary people stand behind the “story” and readers see this sincerity.

Also it should be kept in mind that the story needs to have a measurable purpose (for example, the registration number, purchases, or responses) and a specific addressee. Give the customers a choice and voice more often in order to stimulate user-generated content. Because people think with stories. It’s a consequence of evolution. That is why the consumers perceive storytelling easily and it brings out positive emotions and feelings. And the clients also have a keen interest in stories if they are related to their own experiences and get benefit from them. In order for potential clients to remember your visual story, it is necessary to come up as close as possible to the user world, make them participants of events. If possible, make them key players. Use large images and “raw” background videos to enhance the presence effect. Contact the user to cross the line between story and his/her world.

2. Create a unique content

People are now surrounded by visual marketing noise at any place and all times of the day or night. Most individuals don't pay attention to advertising, because they just have no time or will to do it. In order to make the content compelling, then it should extremely stand out from a variety of other content. Only such content has a real chance to soak into the client's mind.

In different spheres, unique content is much more successful than stock images. Modern consumers are hungry for content, but they are also very skeptical and difficult to impress. They crave photos and videos, but unique ones, not bought at the stock market. According to the Stackla report, 90% of consumers state that uniqueness is important when deciding which brands they like, compared to 86% in 2017. This means that the use of unique visual elements, such as user content, is on the upswing. Brand promotion uses content that their clients have already created about them. Moreover, such an approach takes much less time and costs less than professional photo sessions or the own visual content creation. Uniqueness is a win-win situation. After all, your clients are your best content creators!

3. Involve infographics

Infographics are very popular and users willingly share them among themselves. Infographics are a great way to present some sometimes complex data in a clear and understandable way. This format is a part of the current content marketing trend — drawing customers' attention with valuable content. Undoubtedly, infographics bring some benefits to consumers by allowing them to better understand certain phenomena and processes.

Marketers explain the reasons for the popularity of infographics as follows:

  • Makes posts more readable and draws more attention.
  • Reflects important problems.
  • Makes the messages brighter and avoids monotony.
  • Available to all and easily conveys information.

4. Strike a balance between visual and textual

Any marketing content should be fully in keeping line with the rest. When creating your works in visual marketing, all components need to be balanced. This means there’s a golden mean between the using resources and the rest of marketing techniques. Each component of the visual marketing content interacts with one another. The text is useful for long descriptions and short labels. Visual elements can help fill rents and gaps left by others and grab the audience’s attention. Avoid the unbalanced content by carefully planning every aspect of work, trying to stick to the message and the brand story.

The text should be presented in a simple and easy-to-read format. Visual elements that are too text-dependent, small and narrow, or clutter a page, can bring to nought the benefits of visual content. As soon as your visual elements are ready, try deleting one or two elements to see if this will help the overall comprehension of the page.

Also it is important to remember that beautiful images, pictures, photos and screenshots can only attract visitors to the pages and get them to stay on them longer. However, in themselves all of these elements are incapable of moving customers to act. In general, attention to a website by a person depends not on a single factor, but on their combination.

5. Direct a viewer’s eyes

It is only human nature to simplify visual stimuli by complexing parts and separate groups. Our brains aim for unity and completeness. The whole is always larger than the sum of its parts. Hence, it is important to properly compose the elements of the design solution, so that the viewer perceives the whole visual message.

One of the useful marketing visual techniques is the principle of “continuation”. It helps the viewer to slip between objects, as if by “continuing” each of them up to the other. For instance, the most obvious continuation form would be an arrow pointing to an object on a slide. It is possible to act more subtly, for example by putting a crucial element on the line of a viewer’s direct view.

Visually compelling content is a key to the customer`s heart. Give precedence to creating stimuli that will take well to. If you follow the wave of startups, you’ll see that they focus on design and bright and attractive sites. They destroy new and old markets, ensuring the best, visually attractive journey for the client. For instance, modern insurance companies that, through visual marketing, significantly increase the number of their clients. You can find a good example of using such an approach here.

6. Maintain consistent visual marketing and design on different platforms

Maintaining a clear and consistent corporate voice on all your platforms is essential to reach a wider audience rate. However, it does not mean that your visual content should look the same (actually it should be diverse). It needs to have cohesive elements that combine with your other visual elements, as well as with your common brand.

Whether this is done with use of the same color palette, voice tone, or something as simple as a font, this is a keynote in creating the professional and compelling visual content that your brand best represents.


It is not difficult to use visual content in brand strategy. But creating images and videos that will stand out and draw attention is not a simple task. Start using up these recommendations. Rely on data to determine the most effective visual marketing techniques. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Visualization in content marketing is not a luxury, but a necessity. Audience attention has to be fought for. It’s no wonder, images and videos are so successful in content marketing. If you want your brand to stand out from others, you need to start investing in high-quality visual content even today.

Isabelle Jordan

Isabelle Jordan

Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.