Everything You Should Know About SEO for Joomla

Everything You Should Know About SEO for Joomla

Joomla is one of the popular platforms for creating various types of websites. The technology is distinguished by its ease of use, its accessibility, and the most important thing is that this website builder is universal. That is, it allows users to create sites for different purposes.

When getting started with Joomla for a business website, many newbies are asking quite a logical question. Is it possible to optimize the Joomla website? Some of them may argue that the functionality is not enough but, like with any other technology, it has its pros and cons. Below you will find tips to help you get started with search engine optimization, as well as the tools that will help to implement an SEO strategy for a Joomla-powered website.

What is the Essence of SEO Promotion for a Joomla Site

It is worth starting with the fact that SEO promotion implies both internal and external work on the site to match the search engine algorithms. Such actions will increase the site's ranking in search results.

The strategy for promoting a site on Joomla is not much different from the generally accepted one, but you need to know about the features of this platform. For instance, one of the differences between Joomla and WordPress is that there are not many tools like WP plugins. Such tools can facilitate SEO promotion strategy and make it effective. Hence, the owners of Joomla sites should not despair. There are good tools for those who use Joomla's functionality.

Joomla Key Features That Affect Website Promotion

It can be safely noted that Joomla has a significant advantage on the part of SEO. There are already good basic functionals for optimization.

For instance, the basic functionality is enough to make the initial promotion activities. Nevertheless, you should consider a Joomla guide and getting-started tips before proceeding with SEO promotion. Further, you will discover where to start promoting your website and what tools to use.

Should You Use SEO Joomla Extensions?

Today there are many tools for those interested in SEO promotion. Should you use Joomla SEO extensions? Definitely yes. Without these extensions, your campaign won't bring the desired effect. But every site owner needs to be aware of the important points regarding such tools.

What Extensions Don't Do?

Before proceeding to consider the best extensions that will help in SEO promotion, there are several important points to note. Many people mistakenly believe that tools can do all the work without the need for personal intervention. There are several important points that everyone needs to know about:

  • Extensions will not bring traffic.
  • Extensions won't create the desired content.
  • Extensions will not make SEO optimizations.

The purpose of these tools is to help users get the data they need for optimization. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to work on this issue. Only in this tandem will you get all the benefits from the extensions.

What Do Extensions Do?

When you know what extensions will not do, it’s time to discover what you will get.

  • The ability to change meta tags.
  • The ability to control and manage URLs.
  • Access analytical data that will improve SEO optimization.

In tandem with SEO extensions, the campaign will be more effective and easy to launch. Which tools should you choose? Below you will find out about the best tools that will come in handy for every Joomla website owner to create a successful SEO campaign.

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Top SEO Tools for Joomla You Should Pay Attention To

How to find the best SEO Joomla extension to achieve top Google positions? Check out the best tools that will come in handy in this matter. Below you will find 5 tools that are effective but still easy to use.

Google Search Console

This free tool does not require advertisements as it is a must-have for everyone. But it is worth once again focusing the attention of site owners on the fact that this tool will be very useful for SEO optimization of Joomla sites. First, there are many essential tools here. Secondly, this tool perfectly syncs with other SEO extensions.

Google Keyword Planner

This free tool will help you find keywords not only for advertising but also for optimizing your site as a whole. Therefore, if you are planning to launch an advertising campaign, this tool is what you need. But it is also suitable for the selection of keywords for the text.


This extension is not free, but today it is considered a must-have for all Joomla-powered functionality site owners. The extension will allow you to manage pages and make redirects if necessary. You can also get an assessment of competitors, create sitemaps, and so on. Also, this SEO for Joomla tool will help you to manage meta tags.


The advantage of this tool is undoubtedly the accurate analytical data that the user will receive. There are various SEO audits options too. For example, it will allow you to get information about AdWords expenses, traffic information, and other data that are of direct importance in the context of SEO.


Do not pass by this extension, as there are enough interesting features and tools to help make your SEO strategy effective. For example, you can integrate Google Analytics, Manage your URLs, remove URLs that are duplicated, and so on. sh404sef is a Must Have.

How to Get Started SEO Website Promotion?

As already mentioned, functionality and extensions will allow you to effectively implement SEO strategies. But where should you start when working on promotion? Below you will find some tips that will serve as your starting point and the foundation for your future strategy.

Start with the Current SEO Position Analytics

Before you get started with SEO optimization of a Joomla website, you need to understand how things are with SEO in general. Make sure to check the following points:

  • What are the sources of website traffic? Pay attention to search engines, referral sites, and direct search intents.
  • What are the site’s bounces rates? Find out which pages have the highest bounce rate, and try to look for the reason. Most frequently, the bounce rate is high because of the slow page loading speed, obtrusive design, and non-intuitive UI.
  • What are the most popular pages on your site? Use them as a hint on what your users really need.

You can get this data using Google Analytics. This information will be the starting point for creating an effective SEO strategy for your Joomla site.

Optimize Every Tittle

The next thing to proceed with is optimizing all titles. You need to use keywords so that search engines can recognize your articles and all text elements. It is recommended to place keywords at the beginning of the title. But also don't forget about keyword balance. It is optimal to use only the main keyword, this will be sufficient. To change the main titles and add keywords, you can use the above extensions.

Check the Meta Description Length

A meta description is a very important element when it comes to SEO. This element is a short description of the content of your page, which helps search engines. That is, the meta description plays a role in the ranking.

This element requires a balance. A short description may not be enough, as well as a long one. Search engines may not fully recognize all of your text. So, the optimal length of the meta description is 120-160 characters. Analyze every MD and make it optimal for search engines.

Boost Your Content

Content quality also plays a significant role in the SEO context. All your articles should be of high quality and useful to your users. Search engines love quality content. Don’t forget about the advantages of backlinks, as backlink building should be an integral part of your content strategy. Consider guest posting service as it is one of the effective strategies today. Having quality backlinks is what you need for successful optimization since Google considers articles with a lot of references to be quite valuable for other readers. If you need a guest posting service, then try here to get the best offers and services.

Eliminate Duplicate Pages

When working with optimization, don’t miss quite a specific problem that is associated with the Joomla functionality. We are talking about page duplication. This will not happen exactly until you start using extensions. But since you will need to use them, it is worth remembering about page duplication.

It is very time-consuming to do this process manually. To get rid of such pages, the easiest way is to close them from indexing.

Use Multiple SEO Tools

Above, you have discovered the tools that will be useful for promoting your Joomla site. This is especially true for the use of tools that help with the keywords search since each of them can use different search mechanisms. Therefore, using multiple tools will provide more accurate results. However, this is relevant for all functions, not only for the keywords search.

The Bottom Line

Joomla is a convenient and powerful platform that already has the necessary tools for SEO. But in such an issue as optimization, it is vital to remember that in-build features aren’t enough to expand capabilities and achieve a top rating.

Using modern extensions in tandem with the SEO and content strategy can bring the desired results. This will allow you to quickly promote your site and get a top position from Google.

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