9 Tips to Make Money Online With Joomla in 2021

9 Tips to Make Money Online With Joomla in 2021

Everyone dreams of making money online with Joomla in 2021. Whatever is your ambition (a few tens, hundreds or thousands of euros per month), you must be aware that making money on Internet requires a lot of work, a lot of patience and a strong organization. With these 9 tips, you'll get started your online business with Joomla on the right direction.

Making money with Joomla is not complicated but it will be easier to achieve your objectives with a powerful CMS like Joomla and this article. While there are probably hundreds of ways to make money online, not all of these businesses are efficient enough to invest your time and effort in. In this guide, I'll present you the different ways to make money, how you can really make money and most important, how much you can expect.

How to Get Started Making Money Online With Joomla in 2021?

If you plan to make money online, you'll need to build an online presence. This presence can be on social medias, on Youtube or on some specific services but most of the methods listed in this guide requires you to have your own website. And I strongly recommend you to start with it.

So to get started, you will need a Joomla hosting to host your website.

You can also decide to create your Joomla website with launch.joomla.com, the free service to start your project.

Before you start to learn how to make money online in 2021, I would note that this guide is not a marketing multi level scheme or a quick money scheme. No, this is a genuine way to make money online with Joomla which basically requires lots of time and lots of patience. Don't expect here some miracle solutions or hidden secrets, there arent any!

Here are 9 ways to make money online with Joomla in 2021.

What to do before starting?

Before starting your project, you should answer few very important questions.

  • What my website will be about?

    This must be the very first step of your project: define the main topic of your website. Are you going to share contents about collectibles, recipes, slavian culture, poems?

    If I may share an advice here, you should pick a topic you know a bit. Better, you should select the one you are passionnate with. Then, it will be easier to work on a medium / long term.

  • Topic or topics?

    Because nobody can't be an expert on many topics, you should and must select one and only one. You'll be more accurate and more credible to your audience.

    Let's say you're passionate by american cars. This is your main topic. The sub-topics could be: brands, sport and races, the legends in the american car industry, etc. By defining this will help you to build the structure and the future content organization of your website.

    In case you are passionate and an expert on several topics, create a website per topic.

  • What should I do now?

    You've define your main topic and the sub-topics. You've created the structure of your Joomla website and strated to organize your contents in categories. Perfect!

    Now, all you have to do is writing and publishing contents. But be careful here, to be interesting, your contents must be:

    • Unique - Write your own contents but please, dont copy/paste content from others websites. Never!
    • Pertinent - Yeah, dont publish contents outside your topics because if you do this, you'll lose your readers. Stay pertinent!
    • Consistent - As much as possible try to publish contents regularly. Each week or twice a month, doesnt matter. The point here is to be regular.
    • Variant - Articles, interview, videos, infographics, don't hesitate to share and alternate different kind of contents on your website. Your audience will love it.
    • Qualitative - This is the most important point here. If you publish / share quality contents on your pages, you'll quickly gain readers and you'll be able to make money online with your Joomla website. Nobody gets strong results with low or poor contents.

#1 - Accepting Online Donations

Let's start by the easiest one. Yes it's sounds obvious but you can start making money online with Joomla by accepting donations from your audience. If you are publishing regularly qualitative contents, then you are sure of gaining many readers and followers. If your loyal readers appreciate your contents, they could support you with donations.

But don't fool you, accepting donations as a way of making money online with Joomla is pretty much ineffectiveness. Because you have to solely depend on the generosity of your readers, you can only make few euros per year here.

To achieve this, you simply have to install and setup a donation extension on your Joomla website. Some are free and pretty much efficient.

Your support means a lot to me. Please, consider a donation if these informations are useful for you. Merci, Thank you, شكرا Cпасибо, Danke, Tak, Grazie, Gracias, 谢谢 धन्यवाद !

Montant:   EUR

#2 - Publishing Sponsored Posts in Joomla

Once you've gain a significant amount of readers on your website, you can start accepting sponsored blog posts from companies to make money with Joomla by mentioning a brand or product.

When you accept to publish such sponsored post, a company sends you the blog post and pays you to publish it on your Joomla website, promote their brand, mention them, and even talk about them.

If you decide to make money online with Joomla accepting sponsored posts, you also should have a look at your local laws. In my country, I have to clearly indicate if a post is sponsored.

Last point here, you should only accept sponsored posts relevant to your topics with good reputation. And to be sure to keep the control here, don't hesitate to define and publish your guidelines to avoid unuseful future discussions.

Based on your traffic, you can expect making tens of euros for each sponsored article published.

#3 - Getting Paid to Publish Reviews

If you already write and publish contents, why not making money with Joomla by writing paid review posts on your website?

To be sure we are talking on the same topic here, I'll explian you the differences between these kind of contents because a paid review post is not the same as a review post with affiliate links (affiliate marketing), but it is slightly different from a sponsored post.

  • A paid review is when businesses want reviews and pay you to review and write on their product or service.
  • In case of a sponsored post, interested business sends you an already written post and pays you to publish it to your website.
  • However, in case of a post with affiliate links, you write on a service or a product with your affiliate links included in the post. Then, you earn a commission when someone buys from your affiliate link.

As already mentionned in the previous paragraph about the sponsored posts, if you're writing a paid review post to make money with Joomla, be sure to choose a service or a product that's relevant to your audience with a good reputation. Even if you're paid by a company to write it, be sincere in your review.

There are some websites that can connect you with companies who could be interested in paying for written reviews. My best advice is here to test few of them and work only with the ones fit you the most. Here you can expect making tens of euros per review.

#4 - Selling Ads Space on Your Joomla Website

If you are looking for an alternative way to make money online, you can sell ads space on your Joomla website.

In the case of selling an advert space, you display video, text or banner/image contents and you get pay for it. Here, you make money by allowing companies to place contents on your Joomla website. This is not the same as getting paid to display ads like Google Ads, for example.

To be able to sell an advert space on your website to a business, you should have lots of traffic on your Joomla website. The more qualified / specialized your traffic, the more you will be paid but the more difficult it will be to find advertisers. Quality VS quantity.

Lucky you, Joomla have a native powerful component to display ads on your pages: Banners. Simply, use it to get started making money with Joomla by selling advert space on your Joomla website.

Based on your traffic, you can expect making tens of euros for each advert displayed on your website.

Making money with Joomla - A banner

#5 - Selling eBooks on Your Joomla Website

If you already have been writing hundreds of blog posts, then writing an eBook would be much easier for you.

An eBook is an electronic book that contains text, images, links and graphical contents and about ten pages in average.

As a content writer, you can make money with Joomla by writing and selling eBooks based on your main topic to your audience.

Here, you need writing skills, expertise in a field or niche, and topic-focus to get started.
here, my best advices are to:

  • Aggregate the articles already written in your website on the most read topic. Logically, it's the topic that your readers are interested the most.
  • Create a very seductive and informative synthesis as an eBook in .PDF format
  • Inform your audience with an Email so they can download your eBook before everyone at a promotional price

In general, an eBook is sold few euros only. But if you have a large amount of visitors and you sell tens or hundred of each eBook, you can generate a nice amount here.

#6 - Creating a Classified Website with Joomla

Here is another nice way to make money online with Joomla by creating a classified website in Joomla with a paid submission.

Individuals and companies who are interested, submits their listings to you and pays you to publish it on your website. In our first example, it can be an importer of american cars who wants to sell his cars to your audience.

Be patient if you do not receive lots of submissions. However, overtime, you will receive lots of submissions. From there, you will begin to make more money.

If you want to create such website or add such feature to your Joomla website, you may want to look at these classifieds ads Joomla extensions.

#7 - Selling Membership for Premium Contents

When you offer qualitative and helpful contents to your audience, you will in-turn get returning visitors. And these returning visitors can turn into your loyal ambassadors.

The idea here is to create a premium members area on your Joomla website, where you share the most detailed and valuable contents with your premium users. You will see that your readers who are looking for the most detailed and valuable contents will be willing to pay for the premium plan.

Because it's a recursive way to make money online, this is a smart way to make money with your Joomla website. You could configure your membership plan to be a monthly or yearly subscription. Your pricing should be relevant to your content and your audience. Not too low, not too high.

You may want to look at the best Joomla membership and subscriptions extensions to get started.

#8 - Selling Online Courses With Joomla

Yes, you can also make money with Joomla by selling online courses to your readers and followers. This is a great way to make money with Joomla by providing lessons, supports, learning materials, etc., to learners.

To begin here, start by preparing your courses or lessons like a pro. More your courses will be qualitative, more people would like to pay for it.

Why not making more money from your online courses by offering individual support for your lessons?

Good to know: Courses are often placed at a more higher cost than eBooks.

Once you have prepared your courses, take a look at the best learning management extensions to deliver your lessons to your audiences.

#9 - Promoting Affiliate Products With Joomla

The last point is one of the most used ways to make money online with Joomla: promoting affiliate products or services.

The affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing, in which a business offering an affiliate program, rewards an affiliate for sending a customer (who buys a product), through his own marketing efforts.

When you signup for any affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate link you will use in sending buyers to the company. When you refer, and your referral makes a purchase, you'll be credited right into your affiliate account with affiliate commission.

Basically, affiliate marketing pays you for referring at least a buyer to them. This is the idea; refer - he purchases - purchase gets validated/approved - money sent to your affiliate account.

In my opinion, promote affiliate products is much better than displaying advertisements because you can choose from a variety of products and if you chose wisely your affiliate programs, a single sale can earn you tens of euros.

There are lots of affiliate programs that you can sign-up, promote, and make money with. However, not all of them are reliable to partner with. Once again, I encourage you to be smart and selective.

Free advice

Never promote a product or a service with an affiliate link because of the commission rate but only for the reputation and the quality of the product or the service.

Wrapping up

I hope this guide helps you to make money online with Joomla.

First of all, you need a strong traffic before starting anything. Kepp in mind to be patient and Once you have enough readers, you can start to implement one or several methods explain in this guide. Select the ones your prefer and the most relevant to your audience.

Feel free to get back in the comments below to share your tips and you experience with us.

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