Women's portraits at Joomla: Sigrid Gramlinger-Moser

Women's portraits at Joomla: Sigrid Gramlinger-Moser

We celebrate the International Women's day on the 8th March (International women's rights day, in few countries) because it's important to remind that women are equal of men and it's essential to protect and respect their rights every days of the year but...

nowadays, women make up just 24% of the tech workforce, thus more and more women are encouraged to pursue careers in the tech industry. Initiatives such as Girls who Code and conferences such as European Women in Technology support this movement passionately.

And at Joomla, the trend is not much different. Because there is no fatality, we must do things in others ways and being more inclusive. In our community, some women are really amazing and I've decided to introduce you some of them. These women are so inspiring and so motivating. Really. Read their stories, their advices, their thoughts and you'll be convinced.
Because we need really each others, I do hope that these portraits will inspire others women to embrace a career in tech sector and/or to join the Joomla Community.

Meet Sigrid!

Sigrid Gramlinger-Moser

Sigrid Gramlinger-Moser

What’s your name and your role at Joomla?

My name is Sigrid Gramlinger-Moser and I live in Austria. About 10 years ago, I realised that there have to be more people like me – working professionally with Joomla. So, I tried to connect and went to JoomlaDay Germany to Berlin … and I came back every year so far. And in 2014 I decided to kick-off a Joomla community in Austria and together with two other Joomla women we started Joomla User Group Vienna in January 2015. Through this JUG, I also gathered a small team and we organised JoomlaDay Austria in 2015 for the first time.

Other than that, I am an active member in the German speaking Joomla community and regularly provide sessions at JoomlaDays and other conferences.

For one and a half years now, I am member of the Joomla CMS Release Team and help to test all new Joomla versions just before they are released.

What excites you about your daily work?

I was working for 15 years as a single freelancer, but in March 2020 I hired my first employee and now we are already a team of three. We work independently as a digital agency for our clients. I love Joomla because to me, it is a toolset with which I can complete almost any task for our clients. It is flexible and provides a long term solution for web projects to grow and develop in any direction.

What did you study?

I studied “Business Education”, so I could teach accounting and business administration. However already at university, I was looking for any technical and IT classes. I became an IT tutor for younger students and started building websites with plain HTML in 1997.

When did you start to think about pursuing a career in tech?

At university, I decided already, that I would focus on IT and web topics in business and after graduation I started to work at a software solution company for ERP systems in Hamburg. I learned a lot about IT projects and agency life. After two and a half-years I left because we moved to Greece. I started my web business back then in 2004 working for clients in Germany and Austria from abroad.

What challenges are you facing as a woman working in tech?

Sometimes I feel that as a woman I have to proof twice that I understand technics, know some PHP code and love database stuff. My parents did not really want me to pursue a tech career, they would have loved to see me as a teacher. But I think today it is easier for young women to decide on their own. And almost any career ends up in front of "a screen".

What would your advice to women considering pursuing a career in tech be?

Do what you love, no matter what other people, friends and family tell you. Get into networks, any, and in Open Source communities, in your local communities, wherever. Don’t try to be a single worker, connect to other people in your field.

Are there any specific Book/Blogs/Apps you enjoy & recommend ?

For women in tech, I love the movie “Hidden figures” about women at the NASA. For work, I just read the book “They ask, you answer” by Marcus Sheridan. The book gives a great insight in content marketing that works.

Who or what inspires you?

People who are founding start-ups as they are adventurous and try something new!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to spend time with my family, cooking Asian food, watching movies and building things. Last year I built a retro video arcade from scratch with a retro pie inside, still having fun with it.

3 tips you would give your younger self?

Listen to your heart and trust in your decisions.

Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois

Passionné par le Web depuis 2007, Daniel défend la veuve et l'orphelin du web en créant des sites respectueux du W3C. Fort d'une expérience de plusieurs années, il partage ses connaissances dans un état d'esprit open source.
Très impliqué dans la communauté Joomla depuis 2014, il est actif au sein de plusieurs projets, conférencier et fondateur du JUG Breizh.