Joomla! overrides


Before weighing your website, take a look at these 57 Joomla! overrides that you can use on all kind of websites.
For free. For ever. #JCommunity

These overrides are intended to be shared as widely as possible to show the power and flexibility of Joomla.
All this content is open source, perfectible and improvable: it's up to you!

Agenda activities

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Articles list

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Articles popular

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Articles slideshow

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Awesome stats

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Blog layout

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Calendar list

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Clients Testimonials

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Concerts layout

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Facebook timeline

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Featured articles

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Because I do not have such talent and imagination, I would like to thank the following persons and ressources: Viviana Menzel, Tonino Gerns, Valentin Garcia, Christian Bardin, Tony Partridge, Bootdey, CSS Deck, Bootsnip, Codepen

Without you and your works, most of these overrides would not be created and listed here. #JPositiv #JCommunity