Contacts list Documentation

2.1 The contacts

This module works in association with com_contacts. So you need first to create a contact category and add some contacts in this category.

Contacts list

Each contact should have minimum:

  • First and last name,
  • Avatar,
  • Position,
  • Email address

Contacts list

2.2 The module

Navigate to Extensions - Modules and click on the button New.

In the list, click on Contacts list.

Contacts list

  • Select the contact category
  • Indicate how many contacts you want to display
  • Select the sort option : latest, oldest, modified, published, by hits, random

contacts list

Image parameters
  • Select if the image of the contacts should be (or not) displayed
  • Indicate the size of the image (in px)
  • Select the image style : rounded, circle, polaroid

Letters Dictionary

Display parameters
  • Select if the position of the contacts should be (or not) displayed
  • Select if the email of the contacts should be (or not) displayed

Letters Dictionary

Don't forget to indicate the position of the module on the right part of the page and on which page(s) the module must be displayed in the tab "menu assignment"

Click on "Save" once it's done.