Responsive Tables Documentation

The best example is the video demo. Here, you can see how it goes and how the responsive effect works.

  • Images: Please, do not display images or medias in your tables. The plugin "Responsive Tables" DO NOT resize pictures or videos. If you want/need to display images or media on your website, the best web design practice is using the tag div. Remind that tables are displaying datas
  • Tag width: If you indicate a width to your table like <table class="responsive rt" width="560">, this will break the Responsive Design because this rule will be applyed over the plugin and the table will be displayed with this width on all devices. So, don't indicat any width rule on your tables.
  • Notice on localhost: on local installation, a notice message could be displayed

    This isn't an error or issue at all, the plugin works fine and your HTML table will be correctly displayed on frontend on your live server without any notice.